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Good Morning!

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I have tripped in the sunny shower of light to the library this morning and so far, my pages are still up and running. I have separately archived my articles for these pages to preserve them and will sort them into chapters or some sort of diary arrangement and put them unhesitatingly into a paperback for whoever loves adhoc journo diaries..thoughts ..Love to you all.. as they say in America..

New Day

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If this webpage is still under my wonderful jurisdiction by tomorrow, I shall continue to blog.. but, as of this moment, I am not sure of the ‘rule book’ over amount allowed on the free use basis for I have had so much fun, whilst writing blogs for this site, I suppose I overran the amount of ‘free’ use and got myself in a corner with them threatening to ‘auction’, yes auction my whole page?! I was sent a very strange email which had links that did not link for payment to cover I suppose the use of the software or site use? I apologise to whoever, as the email seemed quite spurious in it’s wanderings and wonderings..When and if the email proves false or that the issue of 3Gb’s is the ‘issue’ I do hope forum members advise me with all the biz of publication. What a terrible shock that I felt the email left me thinking that all my word content could be auctioned, and sold without my knowledge?! How could that have happened without real warning?

I write about politics, art, and sometimes music. I love writing. You might guess in this world not everyone agrees with eachother, but, I hope to avoid this kind of trouble in the future ..what an archive of thought I had built up, and I have had to retrieve as much of it as I could to preserve my own sanity.

Here is to a fresh start, and hopefully you will see some more posts from me soon.

Why all this complexity? That’s the real question. God Bless from Katherine Da Silva