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The Coming War with China a review of last night..John Pilger Documentary

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Last night I did a thing, unusual to me, and that was putting off going to my poetry unplugged in Farringdon at the Betsie Trotter Pub, usually MC’d by Niall Sullivan, of Poetry Society Café. I for some reason had spent too long, getting ready, and something made me look at the net, and I found John Pilger’s Documentary, The Coming War in China, was programmed for ITV, at 10.40pm. The content of the documentary was a current look at the military machine and planning of the nation of America, the country we have long become use to calling the United States.

I felt recently, that the USA must have been looking at the growing EU economy with a sense of competitive, and possibly invasive perspective, and this kind of proved, that America is on the grow where influence and business, is concerned, it is behaving, as perhaps Britain did during colonial times, trying to influence markets exploiting old friendships and touting for business with offers of investments which would tie effectively nations to their word over complimentary tax deals and savings. I saw this as America on the ‘build’. However, there is a limit I think with which nations would greet or accept the dominance of such a culture, on its own market planning and image. We are independent nations in the EU in terms of our cultures, but, for Europeans, the EU guaranteed some fair trading, which Brexit might not. I do not think in reality that we needed America actually trying to inroad the EU as it was trying to propose new trade deals and tie up businesses over here with the TPP deal which has gone sour and Trump promises to dispose of on taking up his presidency.

The John Pilger documentary, was truly factual, and amazingly shocking in content his expertise from many years as a journalist and activist for peace, glowing throughout. I was very happy that the people of the Marshall Islands finally might get some more help and possibly justice for all the wrong that they have been dealt. But, the most blindingly obvious exposure, of a crime, came with the detailed analysis of radiation poisoning going on with all the nuclear test program of the USA on the islands, and its inhabitants. A conscious effort to prove, the power, and also damage and perhaps to try to control damage to localities in their research, the Americans chose to experiment with a total disregard to natives human rights, as if the natives were of no importance on this earth at all. It showed the efforts of Greenpeace activists at the time helping local inhabitants try to survive the test bombing of the area, evacuating them to nearby but, further away islands in the Pacific. It seems as if America is getting ready for war, and overwhelmingly it shows them planning and scrutinizing China as a potential enemy to combat with. Wherever America placed its military, there seems an effort to dominate and use other countries, in this effort including Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. One of the interviewees, had told that, America used bases owned by Australia, but, put their own USA troops inside, so it looked like they had not maneuvered, into place at all. Or that it kept the knowledge of their presence more secret from the population of that country. One aspect of the documentary also included the massive increase of the creation of nuclear fueled/powered weaponry, and manufacture and sales of, this, had kept or had been keeping the American economy alive during the ‘reign’ of the Obama presidential period. And is it surprising now to have seen America selling arms to the Saudis, during this time as weapons sales bring in millions of dollars. Each of the test bombs on the Marshall Islands cost the USA over something like one hundred million dollars per shot. Fascism can come like a Trojan horse, loaded inside, with something very destructive internally. I have wondered too at the incredible extent of trials with wheat and crops of the company Monsanto, who have devised, new patented seeds as a result of their research and for what purpose?  One of the experimental elements of the bomb tests in the Marshall Islands was to test the effects of radiation on animals and products creams etc., that would help protect skin that was exposed. Just how far this research has gone, will be hopefully the focus for any follow up documentary that John Pilger might manage to pull out of his very wonderful bag of knowledge and journalism.

The Coming War with China ended with  a slide show  of John Pilger photographic stills, an ever flowing fountain of talent to the visual art of documentary photojournalism.

BFI are showing The Coming War with China by John Pilger,I believe  from the 8th December 2016 and in Picture Houses around the town in London.

Is Activism a Dirty Word?

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Earlier this week, I began wondering why, showing your feelings via demonstrations and petitions, always inevitably, ran parallel with standing out from the crowd, meaning the ‘rest’ of the population and, what that meant? Why is doing something of this nature almost seen as daring, or loud or problematical? The law itself in recent years in England has changed dramatically since I was an undergraduate, when nearly every other weekend, students and ‘the people’, bore banners with anti nuclear furor for example, gay liberation rights,  anti cut backs to education etc. The law has tightened to the point that all demonstrations have to be policed, and the police have to be informed prior to the date.  It rather killed the spontaneity of the whole act if it has to be put, of public feeling. I remember seeing an old photograph of Trafalgar Square showing a packed crowd part of the Charter House movement, I believe a Labour movement and all about the human rights angle.  It is a wonderful thing that our democracy has been a growing thing, not immobile, or stagnant. Since the creation of parliament in the time of Oliver Cromwell, our land had pursued a greater  participation for the people with regard to the way it was governed and who governed it.  This earlier movement nearly overcame the monarchy, and we would then have been more like I imagine America. Charles was executed for treason. No monarch could rule without the consent of parliament, it says on Wikipedia, as a result. And how did this come about? Civil war. A show of dissent among the people and army. It is a sad fact that there was blood shed on our streets, in order to make it possible for the people to have the right to propose and decide how they were governed.  I watched a film about this period a dramatized version of events just after Christmas. Ever more is the teaching of history ever more prominently important.  It was called the ‘The Glorious Revolution’, and with regard to the feeling of our own ineptitude in comparison today to show a feeling of dissent,  I feel we are in a period of apathy where political gumption is concerned. I think that the people like Chomsky has stated, have become, unable to make decisions based on deep knowledge of circumstances of state, somehow we have become disenfranchised. I partly blame this state on the role of hedonism, and distraction, for example of the use and some would call it a tool, the television itself has had, in switching our focus from what really counts to pure escapist laziness. Unfortunately for the people, the individuals like Julian Assange, whose inherited distaste for war and the results of war,  and subsequent work, has only resulted in him, his situation being caricatured as some sort of maverick persona, loosely perceived by politicians particularly in America as an enemy with dangerous possibilities. He almost single-handily put a stop to the Iraqi war of George W. Bush’s era via his news breaking Collateral Damage video and stills, presented then through main stream press for example The Guardian news paper and team and BBC news. This example of feeling of antipathy toward government decisions to make war against certain nations  of the Middle East, manifested itself, in the anti-war marches of the time Stop the War Coalition in the last decade or so. Julian Assange was not alone.  Yet today, and it is remarkable, that a situation exists that a journalist and publicist is being and, allowed to be chastised, and pilloried even through the press,  over articles and a stance against the planning of war, in order to literally silence him.  The dissent, over particularly the war mongering created by the politicians, in recent years, has turned our press and media outlets into targets for control by state, and statesmen. There is a feeling that if they can control and influence, by that control over material published, that the bad feeling the antipathy might vanish under the carpet.  Politicians must bear an awfully self critical stance if that glorious revolution of Cromwell is not to be wasted, or usurped by ‘other’ powers.  There is and it is clear always a sense of keeping the working men and women of our country down, or exhausted and therefore non-reactionary when laws almost silently and without dissent are being passed and not discussed with regard to human rights and a wholesome sense of abiding care toward the population. My heart felt cast down when benefits for the unemployed were seen as a target for cuts. I was working at the time, but remembered the Thatcher era, rang a poor sounding bell, to the ordinary peoples’ dreams and what is left for our youth, by way of the possibilities of a future doing just what they had chosen and planned? More now than ever, corporations with nameless faceless power are taking over our institutions and colleges, and God help us media and papers. It would appear, that the result is kind of unspoken stone wall.  A feeling of being shut out, unless you agree with an inequality of mindset.  Jacob Appelbaum expressed this recently at a press conference in Berlin, that he had been labelled by the press as an ‘activist’ which had compromised his ability to operate wholly as a journalist and in his cryptography work and research. That like Julian Assange his voice has been selectively isolated, as someone, who will influence people to question governments, and thus is seen as someone to silence.  The darker nature of which has included veiled death threats, and recently deliberately anonymously placed ‘lies’ about sexual misconduct.

I worked hard at school, for good academic results, but my sense of being able to use even half of what I have learned and achieved in a job is getting less sure.

In addition, to the situation in this country, the threat of a New World Order, seems to be being presented as certain nations are collecting together to impose their rule with an alarming up-rise in militarization of police, with the collective intention of fighting  the loosely termed ‘terrorism’, which to be truthful has only presented itself in sporadic isolated events in very different countries. It is to the shame of the top leaders that thousands of migrants are having to flee their home countries and mainly  coming from Syria and Libya. That no one nation or collective can make decisions to come together with the leaders and put pressure say on Assad to step down or for a United Nations army to help keep fighting factions apart as they use to do for example in Kosova, the era of Slobodan Milošević,  in the Slovakian and Croatian split of former Yugoslavia. Has sense gone to the wind over how to rule sensibly? And still the police, the media are being controlled and not allowed for example to publish news as we knew it to be.  This is only the tip of an iceberg, but this iceberg is going to appear at some point, and we will all become astonished.


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