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The Gift

Posted in Stories and reviews by Kathy Da Silva, writing with tags , , , , , , , , , , on June 21, 2022 by kathydasilva

Eidolons are infrequent in our experience as humans, but there are some people, who see them more than others, the world of phantoms and sprites.

‘Can you see the light? Go toward the light!’ Alecia was trying to help her friend. The problem was a loved one, kept appearing in her dreams, and like some strange experience of a ghostly nature things would move and make noises around her house, and Alecia was sure the spirit would go ‘on its way’, with some vocal encouragement. That the soul who had passed would seek heaven the place where immortal souls dwell in peace. She had been entertaining her friend, who came to have her numbers read, when the woman spoke of her dilemma with the visiting ghost, and so Alecia had decided to intervene. Doing readings was proving profitable. The whole business of enticing people into this activity of ‘having a reading done’, was increasingly Alecia’s focus for it made her feel needed, and it gave her purpose in that a person would become fascinated and excited in the same breath at revelations that might mean something about their future path.

It never occurred to her that the pretence might actually attract something real from the spirit world. Her son started seeing ghosts, and at first Alecia half believed it, and even encouraged him to talk about what the ghosts said. Of course, the spirits were people who had passed away, so there was the knowledge that no one could prove anything substantially, and who was to question if what was said might be real?  Between seeing something of a flickering image and perhaps the story gaining him some focus and attention the little son grew to liking his new ‘gifting’.

And the angels and the saints were aware of this… time passed, Alecia grew ill, and her tongue became stilled. And no one knew why or how that happened. Alecia took her knowledge with her to the grave. She neither let up whether the ghosts were real, or that suddenly they had grown silent. Beyond in the heavenly kingdom there was a new arrival.