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Wednesday’s Curzon showing of John Pilger’s film The Coming War with China

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I have been writing or working on, the next novel in a list of ‘ideas’ as they had started out, tonight. It is my first ‘supernatural’ or possibly ‘sci fi’ one in subject, but, the aim was indeed, more H.G. Wells in origins. A picture of one possible future. I have in the past had dreams some quite surreal in content, and certainly, I am going to have to find a way to interweave, the content of this, in the current book. It was in the endeavour to do this, that I suddenly became mindful too, of the possible reality that lay ahead if the politicians are unable to get their heads round the conflict zones, particularly the grave and unholy wars of the Middle East. Humans only maintain personal dignity and dignified living if they respect eachother’s rights, of passage, through this life. Our enjoyment through the progress of history has been to create, civilized society, where amongst the work and toil we also manage to enjoy, something of a leisure time, and this most truly is represented in the form of holidays for family and with friends. I shudder to think of what my impressions of the Med will be if I should manage to get back to an annual vacation somewhere like in Greece and or Italy or Spain. For how should I be able to forget the many lives lost, in the effort to be free from war, in the waters that lay lapping the edge of the shores there? The ‘miscreants’ at the top seem ‘hell bent’ for spoiling it for all of us currently. How did that happen? How did 9/11 arrive on our shores. How can 900 firemen develop cancers and some have died of those cancers, and remarkably, not much of a protest was allowed to be shown on a television network of national breadth.

I am penning or typing this article, having remembered something, from a holiday in Lake Como with my then alive and just retired mother. It would have been in the late eighties, and my mother and I had innocently wandered into the grounds of one of the villas, a historic one, with much ornamentation to its interior. The person who was an employee, who normally would have given tourists a guided talk, with helpful hints at famous historical characters who had stayed or dwelt there, this person had told us that much of the building had been prebooked for a conference on nuclear power. There were some rooms therefore not open for viewing. The Villa Como, that we were showed had some rooms, where in the time of Napoleon, and his love, Josephine, where they had stayed with adjoining rooms. A romantic era, and with what had caught most people’s attention,  the guide, had helped us enjoy, our afternoon. We had proceeded further along the lakeside, buildings to find other more open houses, and in one, remarkably a machine rather like a CT scanner, was being shown, only this machine, measured in an accurate manner levels of radiation in a body from top, to toe, head to feet. When I viewed John Pilger’s film the other week, which was broadcast by independent television, he had showed a rather older version of  a scanner which measured where and in what part the radiation had filtered to in the human body, ‘the guinea pig’, who had volunteered from the Marshall Islanders, who after all were fairly poor and open to economically enhancing experiments on themselves. The Islanders, non of whom live much beyond the age of forty on average today because of the pollution of nuclear bombs, which have been tested there. What is more frightening, is that the political leaders of our time think this is the only way forward to maintain that fragile thing called PEACE. The horrid tragedy of Fukashima, is enough I would have thought to put people off nuclear energy altogether. So why do we allow our leaders to do this? This is the even more bewildering thing, apart from that somewhere in the eighties, a group of women did protest the placement of cruise missiles on a site of common ground near to their villages, as clearly it made the site a possible ‘first strike zone’. The women won their point and the missiles were removed. We possess only one missile of this size, on a submarine further north, between the border of England and Scotland.

It now  seems along time since the subject of nuclear war or power has come into the text of regular articles and news items

030606-N-0000X-005 Washington, D.C. (Jun. 6, 2003) -- Artist concept of the SSGN conversion program. Four Ohio-class strategic missile submarines USS Ohio (SSBN 726), USS Michigan (SSBN 727) USS Florida (SSBN 728), and USS Georgia (SSBN 729) have been selected for transformation into a new platform, designated SSGN or Tactical Trident. The SSGNs will have the capability to support and launch up to 154 Tomahawk missiles, a significant increase in capacity as compared to other platforms. The 22 missile tubes will also provide the capability to carry other payloads, such as unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and special forces equipment. This new platform will also have the capability to carry and support more than 66 Navy SEALs (Sea, Air and Land) and insert them clandestinely into potential conflict areas. U.S. Navy graphic. (RELEASED)

with a detrimental warning of the possibilities of war, using them. I am now more convinced since viewing John Pilger’s film, that the rotten way that politicians, who many have supported the making of these more refined weapons, and some who have invested their own money in the making of them, have also devised the way to keep the perpetuation of their making in with the nation’s plans of defense. For as long as we the human race run away from our creator, we will fear war and arguments with other nations. It is all so material in the end. But, sad too, the money to make war, could have been spent on space travel and or cures for disease in humans and animals.

If it is over thirty years ago now that an advanced scanner for detection of nuclear radiation in the human body was shown on the shores of Lago di Como, just where is that technology now?  And in whose hands? Will our parks be the beautiful places for our children to inherit in the future?

I feel unhappy, and very sad, that in The Coming War with China, we are left with the knowledge that a build up of military units is already in place in the far western Pacific Isles, and in one such location 40,000 military personnel, live regularly. And no mention of the radioactive plume affecting the Pacific waters, and fish, and the fact that so much of the Pacific is apparently dead already. Do we really want more deadly radiation?

God bless the people who speak of peace.

Cartooning…….politics, society…

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Yes..I think I could get to liking drawing in marker pens, cartoon satire, or, just illustration, or both..! There is something awfully freestyle about marker pen usage. I can totally understand some artists doing this… when I have worked up enough images I’ll put them together in a book, or fit them into Driftwood an illustrated version, as the subject gives itself to an attempt at the provocative element. Each destination of Irene and Michel, in my story,has been set there with purpose, and the significance of which gives inspiration for their drawings, and commenting on what is happening in the current political sphere of Earth. I have only barely suggested these things as, it is more about feeling uneasy, and pursued, by something as if we are all tested by our own convictions and beliefs for what is going on in society. How can society take in all of the violence of conflict and the new displacement of whole populations…

I often think, with the probable and uneasy position some world leaders take, with regard to war or no war, scenarios, that, we the citizens must try our best to influence back, and feed into the arena of talks,  the subjects of which concern us all as humans. I remember when it concerned quite a few of us, humans, the use of nuclear weaponry. In particular in England there was a reaction to the positioning of cruise misiles designed in the USA.  Although there is less damage, done with ‘reduced’ plutonium missiles in terms of area affected when the bombs hit the ground, they still do leave significant pollutant radioactive particles, and this affects human life in the future, in particular new human growth of foetuses, and young children are more prone to  cancers. The problematical issue is who is left to sweep up, the radioactive dust. The wind does blow the stuff around, significantly.  And too, I am mindful of the Fukashima disaster, which is still upon us, in the northern hemisphere in particular. I am so very worried, that a lot of our current political ‘mayhem’, is mere distraction from the reality of what might be upon us very soon, with much more of our Earth’s atmosphere, contaminated with the ‘particles’. When Cheronbyl, happened, even milk in the Welsh hills had to be thrown away because it had been contaminated, with rainfall, and too, this is often swept away into the archives of past news. But, it is still with us now. And so more to the point, we must consider all these things, when agreeing or disagreeing to war, with use of such weaponry.

I look at arenas, the political ones in particular. The Colosseum, is a place of fascination even as a ruin, but, it represents, a time when a dictator had absolute rule, and used people as pawns, in games which ended in death. It is one of those frightening moments in human history, that the wealthy and influential should choose to be thus entertained. I must say at this point, too in literature recently there seems to have been a return, although technically only in ficitional form, to the theme of such a game. I did not  take to the book The Hunger Games, and given its popularity it made me wonder if we as humans had progressed at all toward civility.

I have looked at the USA, arena recently, seeing something that to me sets an absolutely frightening, precendent. That the use of new technology, is and has been, to target it for new use as weaponry against, ‘the foe’. The problemmatical issues, have not even been discussed. The people were not informed or asked, whether certain weapons represent something that is good or essential. And how frightening for ‘all’ of ‘us’, that new weaponry, is about rule, not defense of the nation. I am not a Globalist for this reason. I believe in democracy, as the only civilized way forward. When I saw the author Barrett Brown being set up for a jail sentence, and subsequently imprisoned on a plea bargain basis, I also saw, that the whole justice system had been manipulated to deny, a certain, truth from emerging. I am glad, too, that some of the corruption is about to be dealt with, well hopefully. But, imagine, the effect of three and a half years jail, upon a young ambitious mind. His investigative journalism was effectively hilighting, the use of private contracted firms in ‘possible assassinations’. I cannot say for sure, whether ‘assassination’ were carried out, but, with certain movies suggesting the kind of ‘black ops’, that may have already taken place, yes it does bring to mind, that our leaders need more scrutiny, and I would wish for a more honest approach in politics, not a threatening ‘new arena’ not unlike the ancient Colosseum of Rome. Citadels of power need to be scrutinized. It is the job of the FBI, to take issue with irregular behaviour of politicians too.

The Americans often say in God We Trust. But, who is left to be Godly, if all have departed from the faith?

Nearly Christmas….

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I went to photograph the climate change march on Sunday and got quite taken up in the event. So although a little subdued, the crowd and their banners walked from Park Lane to Westminster without much ado. Kate Tempest did a wonderful rap style poem, or rather a rant, about what ‘we’re’ all doing to the world when we pollute. Lots of people asked did I record the rest of the poem, but, I only caught about a minute worth of recording. It’s a difficult thing to dare to do, and I had no prior arrangement with Kate Tempest to record and therefore publish. I had to do it like a news snippet. But, am heartened that that is what people might have liked to view more of. And the bonus to Kate Tempest is she does get heard by a wider audience, and people will now look out for her more I hope. It’s hard getting the poetry and new poetry to sell. I am about to combine my two novels/novellas into one publication called Katherine Da Silva Umbrella. It will be a bit cheaper to buy two together in one book. And this too will be sold as a kindle e-book to or free for those who subscribe to kindle library. It is good to pick up reading fans. I just need to master the marketing part a bit better. Am fulfilling a mini dream of calling myself Katy Tree Publishing. This was going to be media meaning all creative output, and worked on a little motif for the book cover this morning. It’s a bit of a rough but along these lines, I will endeavor to go forward. I may eventually manage to help other people to the same goal, who knows. For now Umbrella will be out as soon as the pdf is ready for the first run. I am thinking of getting one of those digital pens and pads for digital drawing had a lot of fun this morning but needed more control over the mark making, so a pen would be better to accomplish greater accuracy. I feel compelled to move forward with skills I have rather than with skills I don’t yet possess. I am still working on  Driftwood, hopefully in the new year that will be half way done. The French I see are getting a raw deal even with their climate demonstration with tear gas being used. So much is so unnecessary and trust is easily broken at the drop of a hat.


The Island -New Publication Out Now Under Amazon

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BookCoverPreview.doThe Island

My new publication  The Island is available now, via Amazon sites as e-book, and paperback, Have a look, it might make an interesting stocking filler for Christmas, it’s a fiction for 16 years plus if you want to guage age suitability.


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Hi Everyone,

I have just published an e-book of my short stories under the title Nemesis, on the Kindle Amazon site.  Am hoping it might generate some interest for the writing. Please browse the page and see, that if you are already a Kindle owner you can read this publication for free. If anyone wants to purchase a permanent copy for either PC or tablet or smartphone it is free to down load the Kindle App, just go to or if you are in America

HAPPY READING! Happy holidays…Happy New Year!

Hoping this gets some of my writing out to an audience. As a result of how simple it is to upload a manuscript to Amazon, I feel now the impetus to create a whole novel, possibly Novella …see how far I get a new title is in the offing The Island… however not decided whether to use this title yet….but for now it’s The Island great experience finally putting some words down and a story that is my own…though it’s true we are all influenced by the genius writers  our predecessors and I guess it might influence some of the themes….. holiday mayhem, and darker aspects of travel….oh ho..see you all soon! Kathy Da Silva

New Short Stories

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book cover

Here is the new book, and cover. It comes to mind, that experience is the starting point of a lot of things. I was a young girl trying to study art at a college in London. I had lived outside London since my birth until about the age of nineteen, so entering the city, even at the start, though an adventure, was also like entering a brick kind of jungle. There are miles of city in any direction. It takes a person about an hour to cross from one side to the other and that is also when the transport is by riding a tube train. The stories are, from as far back as my undergraduate years, though written more recently. I think I have grown more interested in abstract views too of story telling. However, the stories exist quirky and humorous in places, though some will pull faces no doubt, at the characters in some of the stories. At this current time are selling this at £3.49, plus the dreaded post & pack fee. About £2.80 but, the parcel can be directed to any address. It’s a great feeling just to share this. I feel more encouraged to make the number of stories grow now…in the hope of achieving about 150 to 200 pages. Looking For Pearls will be the next one in line…so happy…about this.  Happy reading for those who may dare, please think of giving authors a chance ..Christmas is coming too…Kathy Da Silva