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Yes..I think I could get to liking drawing in marker pens, cartoon satire, or, just illustration, or both..! There is something awfully freestyle about marker pen usage. I can totally understand some artists doing this… when I have worked up enough images I’ll put them together in a book, or fit them into Driftwood an illustrated version, as the subject gives itself to an attempt at the provocative element. Each destination of Irene and Michel, in my story,has been set there with purpose, and the significance of which gives inspiration for their drawings, and commenting on what is happening in the current political sphere of Earth. I have only barely suggested these things as, it is more about feeling uneasy, and pursued, by something as if we are all tested by our own convictions and beliefs for what is going on in society. How can society take in all of the violence of conflict and the new displacement of whole populations…

I often think, with the probable and uneasy position some world leaders take, with regard to war or no war, scenarios, that, we the citizens must try our best to influence back, and feed into the arena of talks,  the subjects of which concern us all as humans. I remember when it concerned quite a few of us, humans, the use of nuclear weaponry. In particular in England there was a reaction to the positioning of cruise misiles designed in the USA.  Although there is less damage, done with ‘reduced’ plutonium missiles in terms of area affected when the bombs hit the ground, they still do leave significant pollutant radioactive particles, and this affects human life in the future, in particular new human growth of foetuses, and young children are more prone to  cancers. The problematical issue is who is left to sweep up, the radioactive dust. The wind does blow the stuff around, significantly.  And too, I am mindful of the Fukashima disaster, which is still upon us, in the northern hemisphere in particular. I am so very worried, that a lot of our current political ‘mayhem’, is mere distraction from the reality of what might be upon us very soon, with much more of our Earth’s atmosphere, contaminated with the ‘particles’. When Cheronbyl, happened, even milk in the Welsh hills had to be thrown away because it had been contaminated, with rainfall, and too, this is often swept away into the archives of past news. But, it is still with us now. And so more to the point, we must consider all these things, when agreeing or disagreeing to war, with use of such weaponry.

I look at arenas, the political ones in particular. The Colosseum, is a place of fascination even as a ruin, but, it represents, a time when a dictator had absolute rule, and used people as pawns, in games which ended in death. It is one of those frightening moments in human history, that the wealthy and influential should choose to be thus entertained. I must say at this point, too in literature recently there seems to have been a return, although technically only in ficitional form, to the theme of such a game. I did not  take to the book The Hunger Games, and given its popularity it made me wonder if we as humans had progressed at all toward civility.

I have looked at the USA, arena recently, seeing something that to me sets an absolutely frightening, precendent. That the use of new technology, is and has been, to target it for new use as weaponry against, ‘the foe’. The problemmatical issues, have not even been discussed. The people were not informed or asked, whether certain weapons represent something that is good or essential. And how frightening for ‘all’ of ‘us’, that new weaponry, is about rule, not defense of the nation. I am not a Globalist for this reason. I believe in democracy, as the only civilized way forward. When I saw the author Barrett Brown being set up for a jail sentence, and subsequently imprisoned on a plea bargain basis, I also saw, that the whole justice system had been manipulated to deny, a certain, truth from emerging. I am glad, too, that some of the corruption is about to be dealt with, well hopefully. But, imagine, the effect of three and a half years jail, upon a young ambitious mind. His investigative journalism was effectively hilighting, the use of private contracted firms in ‘possible assassinations’. I cannot say for sure, whether ‘assassination’ were carried out, but, with certain movies suggesting the kind of ‘black ops’, that may have already taken place, yes it does bring to mind, that our leaders need more scrutiny, and I would wish for a more honest approach in politics, not a threatening ‘new arena’ not unlike the ancient Colosseum of Rome. Citadels of power need to be scrutinized. It is the job of the FBI, to take issue with irregular behaviour of politicians too.

The Americans often say in God We Trust. But, who is left to be Godly, if all have departed from the faith?

Barrett Brown’s Case is Tomorrow! All Those present rise..!

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The Honorable Sam A Lindsay
United States District Judge
1100 Commerce Street
Dallas, Texas, 75242
Dear Sir,
I am writing in support of the writer Barrett Brown, who has been in custody of the United States Prison system for a period of two years. I would like to say that Barrett, has been the most outstanding citizen, in the true meaning of the word. In a world where inequality still seems to reign, this man undauntedly through his journalism and writing has been challenging this inequality through the very expression of free speech and writing.
Last week in Paris, the whole world bore witness to the destruction of twelve lives at gunpoint, a very cynical censorship would you not agree of journalists working for the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Four million unmasked French citizens filled La Place de la Republique square, in protest at such ‘censorship’, including our Prime Minister David Cameron for the Sunday March.
I wish to implore you to consider the considerable merits of this young and enthusiastic writer Barrett Brown. Published, articles in the Guardian, other papers and magazines including Vanity Fair, surely warrant the respect of his profession as a young writer.
I too am a writer, artist, and photojournalist. I would like to say that the realm of investigative journalism is as wide as it is deep. There are murky corners to our world today. Recent news events globally, have proven the need for accuracy and objectivity in the rendering of fact and exposition of real crime. Crimes against humanity surely are at the forefront currently, ever more exposing the need for governments to be transparent and truthful and accountable. Free speech is part of the American constitution and culture. Currently there seems to be an invisible insidious hand at work in our world which seems bent on spreading darkness and disillusionment.
Consider what I witnessed:
The story with link, was published before Christmas 2013. The event took place on 1st September 2013.
It seems that although this small group of protestors, managed to attract some press in London, the whole event, and subsequent reporting disintegrated thereafter. What of the seven hostages? How is it possible, that some of these events have been planned and symbolically carried out on dates that are in some ways memorable simply because of numbers in the date. Charlie Hebdo massacre, was 7th January 2015. Something ties all of these events. Both dates add up to the number 7 in a coded way.
If investigative journalism, is not allowed to progress stories simply for the exposition of crime. Even crime which might still as in the last world war, involve world leaders. How can justice reign? If the law books are only used to slight the poor, is that justice? Is that true justice? I call it inequality. I call it the beginning of a dictatorship.
I am very much imploring you Mr Lindsay, to consider all things where the rendering of truth lies, that journalists need to do their job honorably. Barrett Brown has only ever told the truth, as he sees it. And I think his integrity has remained intact throughout his current ordeal of events. Please consider in a selfless way Barrett Brown has written with only justice for the majority in mind, nothing cynical. Any error he may have made through the misuse once of social media I am sure he has already shown regret about an would publicly apologize. I feel sure you will see truth only issuing from this young writers pen. I think truth needs to be honored not abandoned. Please consider leniency for this very young writer. Please would you consider time served as enough punishment for one moment of bad behavior.
Yours sincerely Katherine M Da Silva