The Future

I watch as this war of Vladimir Putin the Russian leader, unfolds, and looking at the pure almost anarchy of it, makes me shudder. There the Russian leader disobeying all the international rules for example, especially the treatment of prisoners of war. There cannot be a leader on the planet that could or would see this treatment of prisoners, as acceptable. The incredible displacement of indigenous Ukraine people, who have spent, well at least some of them, half a lifetime in the cities that Russia hopes to ‘conquer’. I cannot possibly in my own mind wonder at why, other than to say it seems insane. But, let us look at the type of comment Putin has been making. He stated he was about the task of ‘denazification’, yet when the Russian soldiers arrived, the locals in Ukraine asked, ‘Where are the Nazis?’ The truth is Ukraine in the last thirty or so years, has been coming out of the fog of an authoritarian regime such as the Communist Party under the Soviet Union had indeed imposed on an entire population. The Soviet Union sought to remove elitism, and strove to promote equality of the sexes. The cooperative element of farming with regard to provision of food for everyone might have been an ideal at the beginning of the revolution back in 1917, but, the problem with isolating the nation from the commercial enterprise of the West, meant they were on their own. I also now think, that the spontaneous competition or strife to survive is more even biologically correct, as competition exists even in nature. If you think of a forest, and the way plants grow, there is competition for the light all around. The straight-jacket of Russian Communism, is never going to fit the free creatures we are as a human race. There has been much talk about a Globalist Agenda, and hence a lot of speculative talking about ‘plandemic’, as if a hidden hand is at work to create a one world government and leader of all the people worldwide. I have to say this would never work, because we are all like ants and many in number, even the best computer would find this a hard task to note every movement of a single creature in ‘the ant’ colony, let alone control the free flow of thought and ideas. I too, look at the sudden pandemic with a sense of trepidation, hoping we ‘come out’ of the shock effect particularly economically. It does seem as if someone wanted to depress the economy, and yes, suddenly the cost of living is exceptionally high. I think the big business people, are going to have to take a cut in pay, for a short period, or their large chain shops are going to be hard to run, especially if in effect, people are forced to go back to ‘grow your own’ for survival.

Coming back to what Vladimir Putin, is actually saying publicly about his ‘special project’ in Ukraine. Firstly he thinks he is freeing people from Nazism. Is he? Suddenly the most undemocratic motion is at work. If people think in their own happy way they are free, who is he to say what is free, and what is not. Ukraine was flourishing with new business enterprise, and happily able to trade globally with whoever they chose. And yes they are farmers, and produce wheat in grand quantities ‘the bread bin’ of the world, and have benefited from the trade abroad. Ukraine is the most wonderful centre of arts, and culture, with musical talent at every corner of the country. There is no doubting this. Yet, a few decades ago, the disaster of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, had caused a highly toxic radioactive cloud to not only dispoil, the locality but the effects because of what is blown into the atmosphere are still with us all today. This past history has been hidden away in more recent times, but nonetheless, as Russia advanced on the country, it was as if the explosion at the plant had wholly been forgotton, enough to say the Russians who occupied the plant ignored the advice of the Ukraine operatives, and encamped in the Red Forest grounds. They actually dug up highly radioactive soil, and made trenches. Radiation rates rose in the area. Nearly all the soldiers have been moved to Belarus for treatment of radiation poisoning, and one soldier died. As if this factor alone is not enough. What is Vladimir Putin going to do with all those massive nuclear missiles? He knows his own life is nearly over. I know cancer treatments can leave people feeling darkly depressive and aggressive in their own behaviour. I keep wondering, why are we so patient with Vladimir Putin? He originally grew up on the streets of a big city, moreorless a pauper, and into street fighting. I cannot understand how we in the West and for that matter any of the other countries in the global community, cannot see the danger in the continuation of this leader’s influence.

The words like parody, come to mind, when we listen to Putin’s statements about ‘freeing people’, it is as if he has watched how the USA approached the second invasion of Iraq, justifying it by saying it was freeing its people from a dictator, Saddam Hussein. All the baddass behaviour of the United States military effort is under scrutiny it seems. I think the same thing also can be said about the Syrian conflict, and now where is Putin gathering military paid support from? Syrian mercenaries and also Chechen mercenairies have already been seen in operation in Ukraine. Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov is a Russian in origins and current leader of the Chechen Republic, and someone whose army is accused of stealing expensive farming equipment from the Ukraine which incidently is trackable because of its cost in terms of purchase. Assad has loaned his own soldiers to Vladimir Putin’s ‘special exercise’, this includes an army potentially of over 40,000 troops. (Suddenly images of the predictions of Nostradamus appear in mind of Muslim wars in the European countries). Perhaps, this needs to be addressed. The West cannot leave Ukraine to fight Chechens and Syrian armies. I have a very bad feeling, that perhaps, these additional armies, might constitute, a new larger war effort. Boris Johnson, has been trying to take the middle ground and offer the Ukraine leader equipment only and munitions, and technical support of how to use the new equipments. But, it is like suddenly this monster giant Russia has awoken from it slumber. It must be like Jack and the Beanstalk if you are a Ukrainie person or should I extend that expression too to the rest of the Western nations? I use to read these fairy stories, with wonder. Archeaologists have uncovered human remains showing much larger people several feet higher possibly the height of some buildings, buried under rocks and earth. Perhaps many armies and mercenaries make a giant. The giant seems to be awake. What did Jack do?

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