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Peace what price?

Posted in Stories and reviews by Kathy Da Silva on July 18, 2016 by kathydasilva


I duly noted something about the Referendum, recently.  David Cameron, had warned us all, that we needed to stay in to influence other European countries. He was sadly and rather obscurely referencing ‘our’ meaning ‘Britain’s’ influence in the Union. He at one point said ‘to help reduce the chance of war’ David Cameron. It seemed a point that he found  hard to make loudly enough. It was almost slipped in in his speech. It made me feel, what was being hidden from the public? And now the general vote swayed in favor of Brexit. I hope we forget that term, and get clear of it! It rings now with such a negative in some ways, as if joining the EU was always a mistake! I think the Euro has and maybe will continue to cause problems as we do not have the same economic problems as other countries and there is no common language. President Obama very publicly declared his need to influence the vote where European Union was concerned, but I feel it looked indeed like his hope was to economically influence and some how be in control of the ‘markets’ globally. The silence in front of cameras always made me wonder why David Cameron took up the leadership role, as he almost seems a tad shy about standing out from the crowd. Did he feel threatened by Barrack Obama’s statements? I could feel  a cold wall going up as Obama made the threat to put Britain at the back of the queue for business deals should we choose Brexit. Well we as a nation seem to have chosen just that option. Referendums cannot be anything but about a democratic vote. What is democracy without the choice being made available to influence the next move historically? David Cameron was incredible in a way. He resigned. He chose to resign. I think it was intelligent. I think, he was in a corner with the American President, and this was an honorable way to back out, the people had spoken, regardless of a president’s statements. I am glad we are able to be our own selves at least on the point of major historic movements for better or worse! I am traumatized by the event in Nice. ‘Promenade Anglais’ is this a message to us in England? And worse, is the reality the real hand behind all these ‘odd’ events the funding body who have helped the characters involved in the creation of ISIS? If the ‘game player’ is a body of people who are seeking world influence and economic control, deliberately wrecking our chances of peace by creating ‘faux flag’ events to build distrust, to qualify the spending of money on defense and additional almost military style policing paving the way to a coup? I so sincerely hope not. And now politicians warning of imminent danger of nuclear war again? I am saying again and why? Why would the option point to nuclear war? It could mean the annihilation of life on earth should both factions of the ‘superpowers’ well, the old cold war players Russia and America/the West decide their differences insurmountable.  Why is there lack of leadership. And there is one conclusion, no one at the top could care less? I sincerely hope the patience of Putin lasts the age that we are living through.  I so hope the spirit of forgiveness reigns instead of the wasteful evil of heavy bombing. What kind of strategy would think this was the way forward. And there you have it. People who invest in weaponry have to make sales. This is too awful a truth. I remember the whole news item about Nixon, and Watergate, and the whole wrongful arms deal parts of that. It seems the only logical conclusion that a person can make. Everything ties into everything.  Tony Blair what on earth does he mean by supposedly being the ‘peace’ negotiator? I feel it an inappropriate role for one who got things in the past wholly wrong. There is no role for him in the sense of peace without a Christ like approach of patience when being the diplomat abroad.

There are too many loose ends in our country, that have created doubt, and mistrust of the leadership. The death of David Kelly, and what became hidden by it. And more so the truth is there is a kind of pregnancy, globally. There is a kind of historical need for some sort of momentous change or forward move. It should be illegal to create the hotbed for war. What makes a single man, drive a lorry through a crowd knowing it meant imminent death for the driver. A mindless act, but, in truth all the heavy bombing of Syria to me seems much the same in sentiment an endless mindless act of incredible destruction of life. Children have been wounded and killed in all these events. The massacre of whole groups of people, and not one politician in sight who could conceivably stand up for good sense. Assad himself could choose to stand down and or make an amnesty possible for all the members of the Syrian communities. Syria must do something that does not involve killing, but equally the West must somehow learn not to be structurally manipulative with its investments and influence in these areas of conflict. Somehow I don’t hold out much hope, unless the weapons of these conflicts are laid down and the ‘war’ made into nothing but peaceful negotiation. Amnesty for rebel factions is something that could be negotiated. I have never before seen such strife, over a prolonged period of time, food banks for the poor in England; the endless movement of people displaced by war; out and out destruction of buildings and property rendering them uninhabitable and worthless. When oh when are the guilty factions going to pay? No one could feel happy about making their fortunes on weapon sales.

And all this because God had reminded me about the Nice event. Why? Why does a man decide to do this knocking down of innocent people, and yet if he had seen the destruction of his own family by our bombs by ‘our’ I mean the West in general. But, equally Russia too has bombed Syria and every time an event happens in France the president of that country Hollande calls for renewed bombing campaigns they are not working that is for sure. It is not the answer. And the problem is that all of the ‘fake events’ or additional provocations, including our strange insistence that it is all down to ‘radicalization’ of vulnerable individuals who may do acts of terror? There have always been mentally unstable types in all zones of societies everywhere. Why would it suddenly be upon our earth that ‘radicals’ have suddenly landed everywhere it would seem, yes in your own back yard even? Well I sincerely hope not. But, then, religion is a powerful motivator. Suddenly all the language in colleges and schools is ‘watch for radicalization’ oh? So suddenly there’s and army descending on our beautiful education establishments? Please could we have more logical sensible approaches. English life use to be such a wonderful and peaceful affair. But, partly to blame is also the news casting, and somehow I think propaganda is being used to substantiate the need to war, against a nation that we did not have to invade.