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The Deluge….

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Biblical the amount of rain that fell this morning! Two wet cats, and stuck indoors as the plaster cast isn’t waterproof..ever thankful that honesty in the end might be the reigning principle. I’ve seen too much of the ‘stuff’ that clogs the system. There are 62,000  residents in Fallujah trapped in a war zone. So yes a prayer would not go amiss to free them from ISIS. So yes it’s a ray of sunshine to see the Iraqi flag being carried by it’s troops when they finally make some headway in protecting their own land. Well I hope we see them free on the next round of news. Seeing a docu about Homs, where people who ran businesses had returned to start again was amazing.  I hope that referendum day produces the ‘stay in’ option.  Though I can understand our farmers wanting the right to produce what the land can produce because everything is controlled by Europe what they produce is also  controlled by Europe or what they are able to sell. No one likes operating without a profit. I feel a bit on the fence but leaning toward the togetherness principle of being in. Being isolated could be horrid.

I am a bit rattled by being ‘off sick’… at the moment.  But, hopefully a few books read will not be a bad thing. Ian Jack’s writes for the Guardian news paper, the journalist I mentioned in the last blog piece. I think the times have changed since the incident on the rock of Gibraltar. Mo Mowlem for one and devolution in the North of Ireland.  What can keep the peace. Tony Blair in one of his speeches that seem to be something that have been thought about after the fact of war and its consequences, speaks about Middle Eastern regimes not fitting in with the modern world. I just am not sure about how anyone can think of rapidly changing another person’s culture over night. I thought all these progressions happened ‘in good time’. And so with all the upset with all the terrible shock of war, what will be left of Syria and Iraq this time? Will more ground troops make much of a difference if after withdrawing the same problem might rear it’s ugliness again?

I hope and it’s an on going kind of hope, that we get back to peace talks. There’s no mention of these horrid wars in any soap dramas on television, or any show of impact of refugee crisis. It’s like two different worlds, when you watch TV,  unless it’s CSI or NCIS, where ‘enemies’ are defined as ‘terrorists’ from foreign lands. It’s as if the regular programmes are especially designed to  distract, and or let ‘us’ escape mentally from terrible bombings of cities. I cannot think of taking a holiday in the Med at this current time without thought about the thousands that have drowned trying to escape their troubles. There was a plethora of charity appeals all connected with the troubles: Action Aid: text 70025 to give £3;  Oxfam supplying water in camps: 70061; UNICEF: supplying food: 70030 £3 gives food parcels in the war zones refuge camps. I just hope above all that the youngsters get the hope of fresh starts with safe foster parents.

Send the angels is my prayer.


Love, Peace….

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I found myself counting calendar dates this week and last. I am the type who is very active physically. Only as you know due to a collision with a moving vehicle in Ilford, I am in plaster for a broken ankle! Not my choice to be so disabled suddenly but fate and accident happen. I ever more think too that in a day and age where leadership is seriously lacking with regard to foreign policy, that charities are the only hope for the orphans left behind in Iraq and Syria for example.  If a jolt became a serious sense of duty.  I am understanding medicine better for the experience. On Facebook the other day someone had posted an appeal given by a young boy no more than ten or eleven years old if that. The little boy was addressing America and American decisions over the previous occupation/invasion of the country of Iraq. His point being that obnoxiously ISIS had come into their country and were now making use of the vulnerable to increase their number. His plea was simply how can they survive. The orphans have no one to protect them against ISIS.  It took the face of a child to bring some reality to it all. We after all have only a vague idea about what is happening locally for them. The evidence of violence is measured by the hoards fleeing their countries.  Reportage of news.  I was reading the Granta book of Reportage, only to be faced with hidden dilemmas. I think the world a scary place if one faction covers up for possible misdemeanor. There is fairness in love and war so the saying goes?!? And then bleating I found myself saying ‘when?’ When is it ever fair to the innocent? I learned about  Gibraltar  through the eyes of a journalist Ian Jack who was a reporter, back when an attempted bombing of the said British outpost, occurred in the eighties, three IRA suspects were shot dead in the street apparently unarmed. Dilemma, Rupert Murdoch owned papers even then.  Lots of information became confused and exaggerated.  In the end the inquest, revealed everything that was going on at a time when Margaret Thatcher was still Prime Minister.  It is incredible how the three in the story got as far as they did but were under close ‘surveillance’ all the way  through their journey in Spain and finally to the Rock itself. No bomb went off.  I just worry now, particularly with the amount of bombing of Syria, as to when will all the remaining trouble will subside? Love, peace.  I feel a bit tortured to be truthful. Just when I could be doing more helpful work, I cannot due to incapacity. I realize a few things about British politics.  Anesthesia stays in the body for weeks after the operation I find myself actually napping. I hope to get on with some writing art and reviews.

Dance like you never danced before……

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I had a recent scrape with a vehicle going the wrong way down a slip road.. in Ilford. There is a subtle irony, about accidents and incidents. I am now having to rest up. Yes. Not easy for someone who likes to move about quite a bit by nature alone. Not easy for someone who actually cannot stand being ill. But, heaven is defining the moment as the most opportune one for getting pen to paper. It is not until you loose the use of something like a foot that its apparent usage becomes more in focus. My right foot and my left are often used when I dance as much as when I do any performance act, and for that matter I like to walk quite a bit too. So having lived a lifetime nearly with nearly no incident or accident which put my mobility at risk, I was then weighed down by the enormity of challenge to get right back to normal as soon as possible. But, it is a learning curve over how and when a limb may be able to mend and bone to grow and then all the rest of the physio exercise to get back what may have been lost. I am not exactly a very patient person physically either! I am in the middle of writing a new novel ‘ Driftwood’, and I hope to finish this at some point in the summer possibly ready for September and autumn.
I am mindful of all the political events going on around the world, the American elections and how that might impact us the little Britain of Dickens…We are tiny in size but mighty in stamina. Small island but how enormous the effort to be globally seen and counted.
I hope to reach out a bit more. I got the polling card through this morning for the referendum debate of whether to stay or go from Europe. I have thought to stay because it made travel and work abroad more easy. I quite like having some relationship with other European countries but, can understand economically we do pay out quite a bit to help other countries too.
And hopefully England might recover? Austerity is not in my mind that good a deal for anyone. I feel totally ashamed that we have food banks for our own poor. But, allotment growing your own might be a more dignified stance for self help and then where does that leave the market place. My mother’s parents grew their own food and kept goats, lived near an orchard and ate, all through a war. I feel for the staff of all our NHS hospitals. I can see just by the whole organization of clinics especially outpatients that, everyone is working to their maximum and more. And how can that be right.
Dance like you never danced before….I when I was new to the London area had a great enthusiasm for keeping mobile in limb and I did this going to jazz dance and tap whatever was going at Pineapple studios and Dance Attic. I also had a hankering for doing dance professionally. I was slim a size 8 English size that is. And had no fat on my limbs to hamper any movement or agility. I think dance is a spiritual expression and internal thing. And I intend to keep that in mind as I mend. I also somehow by accident or fate, learned the sport of aerobic exercise and what happens with the body and working heart rates for people whose intention is to stay healthy. Air is a good thing. Oxygen helps mend all parts of a body. Oxygen for healing cells, and renewal.
So I pray I mend quickly. I will be patient. I believe in the goodness of God. I believe people should have a conscience about their own behavior. I believe in honesty. There is opportunity for nations to do better than the current messy internal wars going on. The only way people can free themselves from the tyranny of prejudice is to learn to be mentally free from their own past. To learn to be intellectually diligent. To learn reason. To learn to listen to debate. I just can say this is something an individual can do. But, it is the only thing that will put things right also for the collective.
Any comments to my articles and reviews are welcome.