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March Hare..summer is coming

Posted in Stories and reviews by Kathy Da Silva on March 4, 2016 by kathydasilva


Am doing some sort of course to help me with job searching….and it’s thrown a few pieces of news my way which are worth repeating… I often wonder where I intuitively get feelings from. But, true to my own intuition, I am now fact finding things which say I am right. Yes it’s a bit of the agent Moulder experience, ‘She quietly plays that piece of music… familiar to most of the audience of the series..’ . I was looking up the history of Boots the Chemist. And found that in recent years a company called Walgreens has bought a 45% share, and also they have moved their HQ to Switzerland! Thus as a nation we lose 100 million sterling pounds of tax. It’s a big amount. Where then will investment in our industries come from? I went to Boots in Oxford Street to be tested for my prescription reading glasses and glasses for distance. I have managed to put the two together in varifocals. It was an amazing thing, but, like a sense of ulterior ‘happenings’, and in the computer age we live in.. it’s just quite surreal. My personal prescription is on their computer. Walgreens are an American chain if not the largest pharmaceutical chain in America. What an alliance. Boots started in Nottingham and is or was truly a British firm. I get the feeling a lot of our industrial companies who have been successful are under another kind of pressure or ‘thumb’. It will be interesting to see in the next few years, what will be sold through Boots. Boots has loyal customers. Then again I think they do those blood tests..more info on computers about everyone’s DNA.. and I just wonder how safe this is?..