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Nearly Christmas….

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I went to photograph the climate change march on Sunday and got quite taken up in the event. So although a little subdued, the crowd and their banners walked from Park Lane to Westminster without much ado. Kate Tempest did a wonderful rap style poem, or rather a rant, about what ‘we’re’ all doing to the world when we pollute. Lots of people asked did I record the rest of the poem, but, I only caught about a minute worth of recording. It’s a difficult thing to dare to do, and I had no prior arrangement with Kate Tempest to record and therefore publish. I had to do it like a news snippet. But, am heartened that that is what people might have liked to view more of. And the bonus to Kate Tempest is she does get heard by a wider audience, and people will now look out for her more I hope. It’s hard getting the poetry and new poetry to sell. I am about to combine my two novels/novellas into one publication called Katherine Da Silva Umbrella. It will be a bit cheaper to buy two together in one book. And this too will be sold as a kindle e-book to or free for those who subscribe to kindle library. It is good to pick up reading fans. I just need to master the marketing part a bit better. Am fulfilling a mini dream of calling myself Katy Tree Publishing. This was going to be media meaning all creative output, and worked on a little motif for the book cover this morning. It’s a bit of a rough but along these lines, I will endeavor to go forward. I may eventually manage to help other people to the same goal, who knows. For now Umbrella will be out as soon as the pdf is ready for the first run. I am thinking of getting one of those digital pens and pads for digital drawing had a lot of fun this morning but needed more control over the mark making, so a pen would be better to accomplish greater accuracy. I feel compelled to move forward with skills I have rather than with skills I don’t yet possess. I am still working onĀ  Driftwood, hopefully in the new year that will be half way done. The French I see are getting a raw deal even with their climate demonstration with tear gas being used. So much is so unnecessary and trust is easily broken at the drop of a hat.