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So how to encourage someone to write about my story?..

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BookCoverPreview.doThe Island

You can buy The Island on Amazon as an e-book and paperback.

I have tried, to make myself write..more… and it’s not all been bad, as in the discipline to sit and rigidly make myself finish ‘the story’… has been a bit hard, but, when I wrote the plot line out as fast as it was being created in my problem solving head, then that became the enticement to see the project finished. I had to answer my own question of what happens next, and solve the riddle of the fiction. I use experiences of characters I met and meet in real life hopefully disguising their identity sufficiently, and fictionalizing looks/names and details. I have written in several different style approaches before, some more about the poetic style use of language, and deliberate abstractions of images and creating character with nuance. I have found however, all the poetic approaches leave me dangling in the air, like the little worm of a chrysallis hangs on a very thin thread, and I seem left there dangling, with lots of really good images. But, still, I need the discipline of getting my Looking For Pearls ‘finished’. I am better at shorter essays and possible journalistic articles.. …The Island will it ever get read by the grand masses? I raced to get this finished partly because, I had another project idea of a novel already started and was keen to get going on it. My next novel is going to be called Driftwood. I have the start on that one already.

Plot lines.. I was secretly amazed at what I had started in The Island in the character of Hannah, as part of me said will people ‘buy’ it? I mean believe my character’s reactions and thoughts. I suddenly felt happy that she was actually not becoming a cliche, but, quite something independant of that. I have though leant on an almost deliberate cliche theme of holiday romance.¬† It provided a beginning, and somehow reminiscing on things I found funny at the time act as stimulus to perhaps carry on the story. I hope people see the humour as I began to see this one as more of a drama piece come film possibility. I will refine some of the things I do. I promise. Entertaining creative thoughts on paper…ahem…. it is always a gamble. Well instead of writing a novel in a month, I have finished off a novel I started in 2012, this month, and are novels like good wine? Would appreciate thoughts and comments.

The Island -New Publication Out Now Under Amazon

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BookCoverPreview.doThe Island

My new publication¬† The Island is available now, via Amazon sites as e-book, and paperback, Have a look, it might make an interesting stocking filler for Christmas, it’s a fiction for 16 years plus if you want to guage age suitability.