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Review of Fifth Estate film (video showing)

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athe-fifth-estate-benedict-cumberbatch-julian-assangeI’ve tried submitting my view to Amazon about why I only rated the video as ‘fair’ in terms of enjoyment. At the time the film came out, there was a lot of anger spilt out from the Assange conclave, of supporters, and it’s partly what made me ignore the whole affair of actually watching it. But, I feel as curiosity presented itself when The Fifth Estate came up on a video rental list, I decided to watch to see the ‘damage’, that it might have had on Julian Assange’s true character/public personna. I tried writing the following in the ‘other’ reasons for disatisfaction with the video. But, then this turned into a small review of the story line. I feel half the battle with watching Cumberbach was the fact he did not look quite the same face shape as Julian Assange, and could not therefore portray Julian’s real charisma, As Cumberbach’s beauty is not in perfect jaw structure, but almost the opposite, and his eyes and general beauty is more to do with brown tossled hair than the rather fake blonde/white stringy affair of the costume wig. Now looks apart. My review to Amazon was as follows:
As a story line, though some of this fills in the missing backdrop before Julian Assange’s original house arrest, it is a one sided view written by someone who got ‘suspended’ from working for the organization Assange created. On the upside we see some of the cultural side of modern Berlin, Chaos Club/ artist’s den type centre. Cumberbach does a near convincing job of activist, but, if you listen to the many youtube semi- lecture style interviews/talks Julian is by no means as ‘paranoid’ as Cumberbach makes the viewer believe, but this might also show some failure of the script to portray the real Julian Assange. Julian tends to talk more like a lawyer/politician/analyst, and is more calm. Assange’s mother is a strong anti-nuclear protestor type and so anti-war, but is very much a part of what Julian Assange became, in terms of his political opinions. He is not the isolated activist as is portrayed in the film… so not very true to him in it’s entirety.
The breaking news items of the ‘Collateral Damage’ headliner, and pacing of the events is done convincingly and the involvement of mainstream press, and the fact that several papers had agreed to break the news exactly at the same time, well that was very interesting, and informative of how papers behave with a ‘big’ find. All in all though I am glad I finally watched the film! It made me feel more in touch with the ‘continued’ story of events, surrounding Assange. It might be noted that Assange’s website Wikileaks has the support of over a million subscribers. These are people who have supported in kind and with their own money. The film, seems to portray ‘imagined’ support, by multiplying desks all with Assange’s name on them. As if to say he falsified the number of supporters. He is well supported in the media by people like John Pilger and in England by the Stop the War Coalition. The issues raised about war are not just the realm of this one activist. However, perhaps people might see that papers subsequently have come under quite heavy styled almost censorship. Whistleblowers have not come out on top. Bradley Manning now Chelsea Manning is faced with 35 years in jail for leaking the material of Collateral Damage, and several other documents, War Logs, and other material of a classified nature. The emphasis that courage creates an influence, is possibly not quite true. However, we are now living with the knowledge that the times are more like that of The Trial by Franz Kafka, with a seemingly and endless tiraid of abuse of the justice system.