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ICE WELLS and promises…

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I was visiting the Isle of Wight recently, and spending a few days holiday, in the town of Ryde, on the north side of the island. I was hopeful too to see if I might catch Ryde’s most famous resident David Icke on a stroll along the seafront, but sadly to no avail. I had started to chat to some of the shop keepers to see if there was any gossip, but, I really meant news and whatever I could glean. And by doing this I had to admit I was doing some journalism, and they like people do, found that I was something of interest to them. And within it seemed about half an hour of wandering round the arcade, nearby, I was accosted by a lovely lady Diane Wood a founding volunteer to a project involving the restoration of a Georgian confectioners store in the basement of the arcade, organized by the Historic Ryde Society. Diane is hoping to gain some support for the restoration of an ‘ice’ well. She beckoned me to follow her to a little underground museum, with some historical artifacts, some war memorabilia, and an amazing thing, the ‘ice’ well. All of this most wonderful treasure can be seen if you enter the Victoria Arcade situated on Union Street, Ryde. However, the viewing of the well is probably out of bounds until it is made safe, and that is where Diane and others are hoping to find funding and support for this wonderful project. They want to re-create the confectioners store originally there in the Georgian period. So it was an ask to see if there were some mainland societies who might benefit too from the well, being opened to the public, and also this being a piece of important domestic historical architecture, for English researchers and heritage organizations. The well which was a privilege to actually photograph and view, as public are not able to view, because the need to make it safe. It’s at least 17 feet deep, and 11 feet across. Ice wells were used to keep ice, frozen that had been imported from Canada, before refrigeration really had been developed. The building around us was created in 1836. And all this from a little chat with locals about the conspiracy theorist David Icke. It was great, the whole tour.




Press, Media Who Runs them?

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Graham, Kieth and Kieth in picture.

I was taking a few days of holiday, and aiming to do some photography too, surprisingly, and wonderfully, came across some other journalists, along the way. Whilst peering into an Italian cafe, last night to see if the food was still available, I came across Graham McKenzie, of Travel Mole, and journalist freelancer in his own words to most of the mainstream papers. I managed to put in a few questions, that had been burning on my mind for some time. His answers may not surprise many people, that the media is heavily influenced and backed by Conservative politicians and supporters. In other words there is an extreme bias beginning to emerge, significant enough to make comment about. I have indeed heard other journalists like Glenn Greenwald make comments with regard to a kind of ‘lap dog’ breed of persons who will only answer to the government and with no regard to passing direct reported events without a ‘bias’ to the public. Graham was aware of the bias toward the right, and did acknowledge this, however, when I mentioned independent news sources and conspiracy theorists, with regard for example the ‘faux flag’ theory of the 9/11 event in New York City, and as we were on the Isle of Wight I mentioned David Icke, he answered unequivocally, that most of the theories could not be proven and therefore he remained personally skeptical about the completeness of the blame being within the Bush government of the time. He repeated to me what David Icke has often said about the way his writing is treated, meaning with a certain, doubtfulness of his sanity. The pressure that currently exists for journalists, being of an almost intense sense of duty to nationhood which can only be a direct political influence, has led to so many of them, globally and at home becoming almost afraid to freely speak in some cases. What price freedom? Are journalists becoming targets?