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The Bad TV

Posted in Stories and reviews by Kathy Da Silva on May 18, 2015 by kathydasilva

Don’t say a word! It might hear you!

The silver light of flickering images

Play, play on

Electrical snow dances over the ever, glowing screen

It’s a visual connective, summative ”live” box

Jamming, communications in ”free view”

A micro-lite, sensor to wield power

Over the grand masses, ”Hello television time”

A smarter TV you cannot get

When it ingests your talk talk, with your  friends and lovers

Whilst you kiss, whilst you make love,

The friendly hard drive is at work.

Easy on the ears

The listening device that understands

No, it listens in the sense it can read

But, what happened to privacy?

Whilst you sit eating noodles, and chow mein from the local Chinese

Just remember the ogle in Google, gives oodles of fun for the NSA

Google is spelt G O O G L E,

”We’re here to serve…” but the question is ”who”?