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IMG_6347bI went to the ‘Unplugged’ yesterday poetry café at Betterton St, London…. wonderful experience hearing poetry of all kinds of styles and expressions, and some so deep they ache with lived experience, and some very hard things to even listen to when you know it’s real life. So I recently bought a microphone, purely out of faith. I do like sometimes to record a piece of music or poetry, I hate usually having to do this for myself, but, in place of the finance needed for studios of course, I try things out at home.  As some of you  might know from my various rough efforts on . I ran a MySpace account for a while it’s still there. But, one of my frustrations there was simply time allowance to keep up with all these pages, and I had to admit my perusal of the MNE paper the paper for musicians, well is very sorrowfully  infrequent. Plenty of musicians, out there needing connection. So why do I take all this time? I wrote so many lyrics for songs and some melodies, but, never got them further than my music files at home. So bad was this going that my pukka pad and pages from it got stolen, from me when I made a move once and savagely this person seems to have ripped pages of words I will not be able to repeat accurately. It’s fortunate that in my effort to make them I use to sing them over a few times and so with a little bit of jogging of the memory, I am able to rewrite the lyrics and share them.

Bear in mind the God who made the day time also made the night. So for me the night is not the unfriendly place of bad nightmares, well not always. I remember dreaming of a place  a beach, a stream, the most magical thing happened. I mean..meaningful. I mean, the translation of which, all else belongs to this.  Smooth damp sands of seashores I have only been to in dreams. The rocks are black possibly of granite, but, you might say this is the night light of that time of the day. But, before my eyes a mountain stream emerges from a cave. The stream,  at first was filled with different keys, like silver keys ornate keys, that changed first from key to candle and back. The ‘secret’ is the light, and knowledge and light are, the key to everything. Keys, candles, streams.

Into the dark night slip away like a tide at the touch of your hand, ( the dreaming)

The hand of a clock ticks away to the sound of the beat of my heart.( Rhythm in nature)

In the blink of an eye turn around to see someone, but no one was there( ghosts, like the kind in Andrei Tarkovsky ‘s ”Mirror”)

Like an intake of breathe when your tired.

Wood  broken skin and the splinters within

And the pained cry of a child in the distance.(living on in the memory of a woman, me)

And the love that’s within is your love growing dim

As you move like the wheels of a car slipping swiftly away for a day.

Take a ‘train’ from your mind and the spider inside weaves a web in your head

It was made with the intention of the time signature of something like Kate Bush’s ‘Little Army Dreamers’, so three time, wish I could play piano.. sometimes… needs orchestration violins etc.






Nemesis – short stories by Katherine Da Silva now in paperback

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Just yesterday I noticed everything was up and running on and my paperback at a very reasonable £4.03 ..have a look .. in the USA it’s $6

List Price: $6.00


New Short Stories

Authored by Ms Katherine Maria Da Silva
Edition: 2

Nemesis is a collection of short stories. Meet the Kouros brothers and their antics with tenants, how Abby is saved by Danny the tree surgeon. Romance and thriller; the high pistes of Swiss mountains; angels and artists; and more…

Publication Date:
Apr 20 2015
1511821396 / 9781511821391
Trim Size:
5″ x 8″

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Nemesis book publication now in hard copy on Amazon

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Just some lovely news that the manuscript I uploaded for distribution as a kindle is now available on Amazon as a hard copy, well very shortly, and will be sold as far as I know round the globe. ISBN: 978-1511821391 I am hoping to recruit some volunteers to review my publication and leave comments for me to work with. If you are interested leave me your email.

It’s all about diversity …or is it?

Posted in Stories and reviews by Kathy Da Silva on April 15, 2015 by kathydasilva

DSCF1074Tonight, I went along to the Guardian Live event, just near to Kings Cross Station, in York Way…and my oh my…what a building! What an entrance, as if I was entering some big ‘corporate’ building, not a center of the arts. Or was that confusion intended? The gallery was filled with some impressive photographs of landscapes…but me the viewer, well I was feeling pushed back by the white pure bright walls alone…so.. DSCF1076           These things apart, the talk, the debate, well the first half was given to the speakers introducing their thoughts on diversity in the arts or the lack of it. And we had a panel with just one female presenter and writer, Dreda Say Mitchell, Chris Bryant Labour MP for Rhonda, Femi Oguns, dramatist, David Lan, theatre company CEO, with Mark Lawson as host from The Guardian paper. Whilst the rest of the panel all of whom were definitely professionals in the arts, seemed already a little bitten. BBC’s Ben Stephenson, was remarkably brave, and really in the worst scenario, with the black representation grilling him on the lack of diversity being delivered by TV. I however, think this is less of a problem, than at first you might assume. The whole talk seemed to dwell on drama roles, and TV, and the audience did not help things along, because it was filled with a people with a gripe about not really ‘getting there’ because? The obvious financing of the arts is really to blame, but, this needed to be a four hour debate, not 90 minutes. Fine Arts barely got a mention. The whole talk could have been handled with a sense of more balance, and fairness. I so longed to ask why the Beeb allowed artists like Stephen Fry to dominate our screens night after night, and why not allow some new blood? New talent, and new programs, not the same thing every evening of the week. The Beeb has been great for many of it’s productions and even our foreign students like dramas like The Tudors. So it really comes down to a need to open up the inroad to becoming noticed for new artists of all backgrounds, not just the obviously advantaged wealthy. More channels could do it. And that would allow new dramas and space for new writing, maybe even dedicate one channel to new writing? Thank you Guardian for creating the opus for a much bigger discussion. Let’s hope there is much fruit for the making of greater dreams.