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Ed Snowden in CitizenFour

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It’s good to see this documentary again, and listen carefully, to what is being said. Privacy, is an essential to feeling a free person. Glenn Greenwald’s book, No Place to Hide, gives a full view of what is being said, but nothing quite shocks than the reality of someone having to turn whistle blower on an organization, which holds the trust of the American people, or should I say use to. I think it was brave to be in the shoes of Laura Poitras trying to portray, the whole reality of post 9/11 American policy and action. Ed Snowden in this real time film, looks such a confident and healthy individual, and young, yes very young. I think he may not have realized the totality of his sacrifice in the name of truth. But, it is a bit of a miracle too. There must be thousands of people who feel something in society has changed. The news is always portraying the world in a state of readiness for yet more war action. The invasion of personal privacy via computer network activity, I fear has been going on for more than a decade. I use to think an individual was hacking my first new computer and that was back in the early millennium period 2001-2. I have no doubt that the hacking is far more complex a thing, than just about security. There is a kind of industrial element involved in secret spying too for economic advantage. Ed Snowden talks about individuals becoming targeted by the state, so there’s a kind of hotbed of activity from which spies can glean now so much about individuals with some things so public, for example on Facebook and My Space, that we are becoming foolish, out of conceit. When and where will we realize what is being lost. I hanker nostalgically for the age of Laurie Lee, and balmy sunny days of country living, and romancing uninterrupted by ‘state’. It is all too Orwellian for my sense of what is ‘safe’, There’s a kind of deadness, that, is a strange passivity, in people, so unaware of the way power is being used. I feel sometimes like the character in Kafka’s amazing novel I think called ‘The Trial’, and it’s that world we are headed into if we don’t stand up for personal freedom. I’d love to know what people think. (Comments welcome..) Last free showing of CitizenFour showing on the Four website tonight…