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Sidari, Corfu

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IMG_6957I spent one summer holiday on the Island of Corfu, marveling at the fact that my at-the-last-minute booking, had landed me a fairly nice room to myself, with a courtyard of ferns and palms, with terracotta plaster walls, and dark oak doors, my own balcony, and kitchen and a bathroom to swim in it was so roomy.  The green ferns and palms, just had the look of a hotel Ernest Hemingway had stayed in when traveling to Latin America.  I’d traveled alone, to the northern side of Corfu, Sidari.

Felt for felt. The lifetime once lived, recounted. Meshed into my memory, are islands, trekking, and photography, small sketches, and strangers at my table, telling me about their lives. Dog handlers for the blind, part-time archeologists with an interest in time captured. And still, parts of Corfu, wrapped up in Cyprus trees twisted, and sketched to accommodate the Van Gogh urges that got lost, whilst figuring my own souls worth. My  first sight of an actual lemon tree growing lemons, situated between two small hut-like dwellings with an aging Greek nanny, sat at one of the doors, so as not to be lonely or unconsoled. Toothless, grinning, but swarthy from sunshine.  Artists go for the light and color in the Med. I went with the full intention of filling a sketch book. I found a wonderful corner of delight and peace, with art cafe to boot.  Aqua marine. Vert-et-blu. and still, there was just occasion to romance, and then ditch the poor fellow. Was it me? He just was from Reading, and too far, to travel to? The monastery at the top of the hill, looked like a closed order. High walls, small gate with peep hole aperture, no one around to speak to. Thousands of tiny spiders in webs in rough bushes and shrubs surrounding the uncultured landscape. A wilderness. I managed to buy and read the last manuscript which got published posthumously of William Golding, called the Double Tongue. Written with an extensive understanding of humor, William Golding, surpassed himself, with a story about a girl who became a ‘seer’, a priestess who would be consulted for the ‘advance viewing’ ability of her soul, particularly with regard to the outcomes of battle.  It was all fake. The pigeons prove very useful in trying to confer the message on all who sought advice, so as to be consistent. Old man and the sea…..

Patched up my soul seeks this refuge, from storm clouds too many to count. Why is it so?


Julian Assange

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IMG_5807I have some time now to go through ‘old’ photographs of journalism events that I went to. The numbers of people who turned out to help support the case of Julian Assange, in London, was what had drawn me to the events, and to ask quite simply why and who was Julian Assange. More particularly why would an Australian have to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy, in London, I thought at the time that I was still in the ‘free’ world. I mean we still vote at an election time, we still get to vote for the left or the right wing of whatever a person’s persuasion politically can be, so how come, a visiting Australian, can have got himself into so much hot water. And I write this in disbelief at all the type of treatment he has received so far. If for the sake of being involved in the computing world, that the trouble has been visited upon this one individual, you would think the rule applies to all involved in the computing world. And that’s where it seems that because of innovation coming about faster than that initial bolt of lightning that begot the first computed communication, then, the law about it’s use is yet to catch up. I had only had the use of second hand equipment before about 2001 or 2002. I had only really got use to the delights of emailing my nephew in Australia, at the speed of a blink of an eye, when all hell had let loose globally because of the event of 9/11 in New York city. In-fact just before Facebook arrived, and social networking as we now know it, I had regularly emailed a young screen writer in Ramsgate, on a regular basis, talking film ‘shop’, and whatever daily came to hand about Johnny Depp in particular.

The Story of Julian Assange, in total is yet to be written. I for my part remember as an undergraduate the students and women of Greenham Common retaliating to a government decision to place nuclear cruise missiles on the common ground which lay close by to a village where families and children lived. The main basis for that particular protest was that it would make their home area a target for a direct hit in the event of a real nuclear war starting with supposedly Russia or a like enemy of the British Isles. The women who camped out did this with the utmost conviction and won their case. The missiles were symbolically removed, and not a cruise missile was in sight bar the one on a  submarine somewhere nearer to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne ‘up north’.  The power to protest, has been under possible scrutiny by successive governments since. I think also rather spectacularly, the laws have changed in a way that seemed rather undemocratic, in that police must be informed before any public gathering occurs. Is it so embarrassing that ‘the public’ do still want a say in politics in this fashion? The people’s voice? Is that so embarrassing? Well maybe to an elite who thought ‘their’ plans were untouchable. But, if greed has any gain, it’s to prove that it is a useless tool for advancement of innovation and the net. Knowledge, the acquisition of knowledge.  Well web knowledge, programming, being the type that have acquired a rather less fashionable label of ‘nerd’, why does this automatically ‘lump’ every computer type hacker into the same grouping, almost as if to say that if you can encrypt then you are almost certainly a suspicious person. I am pretty sure, that Julian Assange is not the only technologist of his kind.  He will stand up for the likes of the ordinary man/woman in the street, as left wing politicians do, but, this does not really make him into the ‘mafiosie’ type candidate that I am sure Hilary Clinton, had imagined him to be.  Why is it that the Swedish have been allowed to  prey on this person, as if he was in error. And it is true, Julian was interviewed in Sweden, in connection to the sexual allegations and was subsequently released. And then when he had left Sweden, this decision changed, to effectively create a ‘man hunt’ for him in Europe. Not for hacking offenses either. Yet in my mind, he seems to ‘frighten’ governments. And maybe America, will never forgive him. But, I am very upset for the whole way the last decade, seems to have stolen everyone’s delight about the things that were good in America. Often rather nostalgically, I think of lifestyles, I was thinking of Moby’s house or mansion, in Los Angeles, and how because of his  affluence, he lived a relatively subliminally peaceful existence when home. And how it just reminded me of the ‘Hollywood’ stars, and movies of yesteryear almost because of the standard expectation of palm trees, and swimming pools, and cocktail parties, that were written about, and enjoyed, the Scott Fitzgerald era of opulence and suave  existence. How can American politics have produced such uncertainty? And the go get the villain attitude? Go get the ‘terrorist’ attitude? It’s as if it’s machismo image of warrior princes was found wanting. That America does not need to prove it’s worth, as a hero eternally might be the actual problem.  So it could be said it’s a cultural problem. Too many movies made about unreal heroes, based on Marvel comics, which are all fictional in character basis terms. Can we find our current day Steinbecks? And Harper Lees? Amongst the current demise of good sense? Will there be truth left to cling to? Comments welcome…



A ‘Soul’___ution…

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It dawned on me last night whilst attempting to sleep, that if the world was to restore faith and power to the beleaguered United Nations organization, then the following might apply. This made absolute sense to me, and was I believe the result of correct wisdom and knowledge. If we are to put the world to rights, in particular with the horrendous acts of violence against for example the Iraqi people, who have been beset by the terrorist group ISIS, then the only right solution is to withdraw, the accused ‘imperialist nations’, (USA, Britain, etc. ) and only send in to defend the democratic Iraq, the ‘blue’ hatted United Nations troops of the nations who did not take part in the previous conflict in Iraq. This will stop erroneous accusations occurring over the reason for the presence of the United States army. The countries who will not be able to fight or send troops could support in a material way financially or with munitions but should not be present in the land. Until further enquiries and official examinations of the last conflict are debated sufficiently, then those countries should not attempt a second ‘invasion’ of any sort. This way all the conflicts of interest can be satisfied sufficiently to restore faith in the efforts to be equal around the United Nations table. Any comments welcome.