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The Replacement

Posted in Stories and reviews by Kathy Da Silva on December 5, 2014 by kathydasilva

As the bus wove its way through the busy streets of Kilburn

Grave faces of commuters staring with blank expression


Had to set aside their goal of destination

As it flew on, at a snail pace


But, where, and how, and how long?

All this confusion, about this “solution of ours”


Southbound, Northbound, Nowhere bound

The Jubilee and Metropolitan


Only not so metropolitan today

As the very sad fact of no commuting soul for miles


Was becoming very obvious

It made an indent in my pocket


Of a strategic amount, just enough

To make a person sad, not happy


Saturday, it usually is the play day

The amuse day of laughter and fun


And a little cultural influx doesn’t hurt anyone

Seeking compensation isn’t easy


With a speak-easy Prime Minister

Eating jellied eels, and turning a crab’s foot


Round and round a square plate

Crabs, crawl sideways


They have a genius way of moving stealthily

Up a beach and back, to the rock pool.