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New Short Stories

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book cover

Here is the new book, and cover. It comes to mind, that experience is the starting point of a lot of things. I was a young girl trying to study art at a college in London. I had lived outside London since my birth until about the age of nineteen, so entering the city, even at the start, though an adventure, was also like entering a brick kind of jungle. There are miles of city in any direction. It takes a person about an hour to cross from one side to the other and that is also when the transport is by riding a tube train. The stories are, from as far back as my undergraduate years, though written more recently. I think I have grown more interested in abstract views too of story telling. However, the stories exist quirky and humorous in places, though some will pull faces no doubt, at the characters in some of the stories. At this current time are selling this at £3.49, plus the dreaded post & pack fee. About £2.80 but, the parcel can be directed to any address. It’s a great feeling just to share this. I feel more encouraged to make the number of stories grow now…in the hope of achieving about 150 to 200 pages. Looking For Pearls will be the next one in line…so happy…about this.  Happy reading for those who may dare, please think of giving authors a chance ..Christmas is coming too…Kathy Da Silva