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Dazed and Refused Cont’d Review..

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Am looking at Gabriella Marchini’s Andrea tonight…and this quiet portrait, is very much a style of painting I could live with. The space is subtly placed with the suggestion of a garden beyond through a window, so is she seated in a summer house painted white…then something of the style suggests it’s meant to look unfinished. Quietude in the action of reading a book. Jessica Mills-Davies, the surprise at the exhibition was that the blue towel/baby blanket, that trails over her head, in this portrait which is ‘Untitled’, is in imitation of a classical picture The Girl with A Pearl Earing..or was that the title of the novel?…It’s a bold and loose painted, picture, but there is a touch of the theatrical element in the subject, a girl who pretends a role.

Rebecca Skeet’s Hilary Bamford, an old lady with a smile. She’s grabbed everybody’s attention since the putting up of the exhibition and I’m surprised, it’s not sold yet…maybe even the National Portrait Gallery ought to think about it for their collection…


Dazed and Refused the Review

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Dazed and Refused the Review.

Dazed and Refused the Review

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I am back today, to look again, at some of the paintings of Dazed and Refused exhibition at the Arch Gallery, in Bethnal Green. I talked yesterday about Thomas Wards, February, and Zi Ling’s, Self Portrait. The Self Portrait of Zi Ling, reminded me of some of these teenagers who self harm, in the fact that a cut was also made in the canvas at the centre of the figure. There is also something of Francis Bacon in the abstraction and movement around the head area.
Tim Felton’s JBW, is a very beautiful dipiction of old age. I particularly like too the folds of the jersey/jacket of the figure, and the delicate treatment of the skin tones on the face and ears. If you bother to look a little closer you can see a very gentle expression in the eyes behind the sunglasses. All of which makes this a successful painting for me. Though Feltham could have painted the frame to a more neutral colour. Thomas McGregor’s Edith, is such a wonderful example of childhood fantasy with toys, wallpaper, and a crayoning toddler, all coming alive. It reminds me of Paula Rego’s work…the Italian artist. I at first struggled with the toylike appearance of the cat, but with a swallow type bird appearing to fly over the head of the child, I started to forgive the artist for not painting paws with claws, and realised this was his playfullness with us the audience. Why not. It’s great just to spend time with one or two of the paintings instead of trying to cover the entire exhibition in one statement. All the artist’s deserve some attention. I am pleased, that there were some unique pieces which, will not be seen again, unless people catch them on the walls of this gallery now. Three of the paintings are already sold. In the next 24 hours I’ll pick out another two paintings, and try and review them. the exhibition Arch Gallery, Bethnal Green

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I’m keen to comment positively about the undoubted variety of work on offer at Dazed and Refused this year. Thomas Ward’s ‘February’, is a unpretentious wonderful example of an English painters view of portraiture. The positioning of the subject is particularly good.Zi Ling’s slashed canvas, is good on a completely different level…and we all had to decide had the artist actually slashed the canvas himself?.Bloodied, self portrait. Well you can understand some of the angst, all of the sweat involved sometimes in the production of art…and though extreme…it hits a certain emotional note. It’s not a photographic impression, it’s not super realism, so many artist’s are being forced into submitting a piece that almost replicates what a photographic image presents. I found myself wondering if perhaps this is where the BP awards are going wrong. We can all stand in awe at the skilled technique of a person but, it’s something to be an individual with your own sense of experience of the world.An Edward Munch. This is just a snippet of what is there at the exhibition, and I’m typing unedited, this little review piece. Some more will be on offer tonight.And I hope people might go and see something of this exhibition, ‘in the flesh’.

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